Code Stroke: Getting a Picture of What’s Going On

Project Description

We wrote, directed, and produced this stroke protocol vignette as part 3 of the 4 protocols Heart and Stroke Canada wanted to highlight. Filmed on location at Victoria General Hospital with the assistance of BC Ambulance Service and Vancouver Island Health Authority. We used real first responders and health care/stroke experts in all of these videos. Suspected stroke patients are taken directly to a CT scanner. A scan will determine the type of stroke (one caused by a clot or a bleed) and reveal if they can receive a clot-busting treatment within the 4½ hour window or for more severe strokes eligibility for new endovascular treatments. Know the signs of stroke – FAST Face – is it drooping? Arms – can you raise both? Speech – is it slurred or jumbled? Time – to call 9-1-1 or your local emergency service right away.

Project Details

Client: Heart and Stroke Canada

Tags: Corporate, Emotion, Video

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