Luck was on Gail’s side

Project Description

We were honoured to be able to tell Gail’s story about her stroke. We wrote, directed and produced her story for the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Stroke Month 2017 National Campaign.

Gail Pritchard suffered a stroke in September 2016 – a few days before a planned trip to France with her
husband, Glenn. The morning of her stroke, Gail was making her usual cup of coffee when her speech started to sound garbled and her body was slouching to the ground.

What saved Gail from a lifetime of long-term disability is a new blood-clot retrieval procedure called endovascular treatment or EVT. The Heart & Stroke funded ESCAPE trial revealed this treatment cuts the death rate by half from major ischemic strokes, and increased positive outcomes by 30 percent.

Gail and Glenn now know how critical it is to know the signs of stroke and to get help FAST.

Know the signs of stroke – FAST
Face – is it drooping?
Arms – can you raise both?
Speech – is it slurred or jumbled?
Time – to call 9-1-1 or your local emergency service right away.

Project Details

Client: Heart and Stroke Canada

Tags: Corporate, Emotion

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